Crossing the road

I have been taking photographs in my neighbourhood for over 3 years, of people crossing the road. This moment is interesting to me as we are all on a level at that moment. I wanted to highlight the various characters all sharing the street together, because that is a wonderful thing that we have here in London.

When the news got hold of the one sign it suddenly became isolated, broken away from its group and its original meaning. I immediately apologized because the last thing I expected was that this would offend people, in fact my intention was the exact opposite; it was about reflecting the whole community back to itself, and my use of the road sign triangle was to say "take care of" each other not "beware of" each other.

The history of road signs is quite interesting, as I looked more into it I found that they had been redeveloped by Margaret Calvert, a sign designer in the 1960s. These road signs reflected the times; a girl leads a boy in the schoolchildren crossing sign which interested me because it meant that the ideas behind signs had evolved somehow to become more inclusive.

Our differences seem endangered in these times, with the signs I hoped to personalize individuality and hold it up as a precious thing.