Franck Allais is a photographer. Originally from France he moved to Ireland, then London 20 years ago.  He likes disrupting the habitual way of seeing and questioning everyday visual references.

In Passing

The broad focus of this project is time and the quotidian nature of life and playing with the relationship between the two.

Each picture is the result of multiple images of the same place stitched together.

-The Weight of Words.

I wanted to do a series about traffic; it’s movement, sound and chaos.

The idea came about through my own constant need/love of challenging my own observations of everyday life.

It started by setting my camera on a tripod and shooting the passing vehicles. 

After a while, I noticed that my eye tried to ignore the most obvious - the surface layer of mere traffic. It was here the essence of the series began to evolve…. Instead of seeing car or trucks, I began to see words floating past as a travelling visual dialogue- messages were bombarding my cerebral landscape. Messages my brain kept choosing to forget, once the visual had disappeared.

At this point I knew I had hit on something playful and somewhat disturbing. Even more so, when, by removing the tangible object from the words, the intensity of our exposure became revealed as being all the more stark. video

-Subverting the City.

The City, with its strong code, has long been a place of interest for me. From observing the people who work there you could see the seriousness and intent on their faces as they went back and forth to work. With this series of juxtapositions I wanted to subvert that story.

-Views from a window in east London.

This entire series was shot from my window which looks out on to a corner of suburbia. I became obsessed with this view, even though it is an exemplar of the mundane and the familiar.

Shooting the passersby, neighbours, I wanted to record this little corner of the universe and introduce a dimension of time by having the subjects "pass by themselves." 

Exhibitions solo shows

'in passing' solo show, KKoutlet, Hoxton Squar, London, 2013
'tom', solo show, Triskel art Centre, Cork, Ireland, 2000

Exhibitions (selected) group shows

'POLITIKA' group show, Upper Space, Manchester, 2014  
Billboard project, Installation, group show, Intermedia 2001, Cork, Ireland
'Sablier' group show, Installation, Intermedia 99, Cork, Ireland, 1999
'Trame' group show, mois de la photography, Paris, France, 1998

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