Jan 07, 2017

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picture editor: Caroline Hunter

Oct 28, 2016

The World of Interiors 'TRIM PICKINGS'

Styling: Max Egger

Oct 12, 2016

House and Garden: Out of this world

Styling: Ruth Sleightholme

Sep 15, 2016

Georgia - portrait

Sep 14, 2016

patchwork car - A1055

Jul 13, 2016

The World of Interiors 'BUBBLE & STREAK'

Styling: Miranda Sinclair

Jul 02, 2016

Guardian Weekend

Jun 09, 2016

Ask Alanis Morissette: I worry about my grandchildren’s diet

We raised our daughters on healthy food and made sure they had a nourishing meal each night. It's with a feeling of despair that I see them take the easy way out with their own children's diet: fish fingers more nights than not, and lots of processed foods. I worry my grandchildren will develop health issues. I have a good relationship with my daughters and don't want to spoil it. What can I do?


May 20, 2016

Ask Alanis Morissette: why is my girlfriend so close to her ex?

Two years ago, I started dating a woman I met online – we had a spark immediately. We were both recently separated; she has two amazing girls but I've always felt uncomfortable with her ongoing relationship with her ex. I understand that a good relationship between parents is infinitely preferable to two parties at war, but they're just too caught up in each other's lives. In the two years since we got together, they've been on holiday (as a foursome) several times. Whenever I mention my discomfort, she says I'm selfish and jealous. Am I being unreasonable?


May 08, 2016

Ask Alanis Morissette: since I’ve been ill, I’ve lost contact with many friends

A few years ago, I got very ill and I am still suffering the after-effects. I can't work and now struggle in social situations. I am finding myself incredibly lonely, isolated and depressed. I used to be outgoing and confident, but I have been losing contact with my old friends. I had thought it was because I often turn down invitations due to being unwell, but this week I received a message from one of my oldest friends to tell me that I bring her down and that I need to cheer up. I am heartbroken. I have so much love and friendship to offer, just not in the same way I was able to before. What should I do?